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Duy Tan University Faculty of Medicine, Vietnam


Duy Tan University Faculty of Medicine, Vietnam. On November 11, 1994, the Prime Minister of Vietnam signed Decision No. 666/TTg, which founded Duy Tan University DTU. Graduate two-year master’s degrees, undergraduate four- to five-year bachelor’s degrees, three-year associate bachelor’s degrees in junior technical college, and two-year certificates in secondary professional and vocational education are among the academic programmes that DTU provides.

Duy Tan University Faculty of Medicine Vietnam logo
Duy Tan University Faculty of Medicine Vietnam


In order to fulfil its strategic goal of international cooperation, DTU has joined forces with over fifty institutions across the globe, taken part in numerous renowned international organizations, and strengthened contacts with major foreign businesses doing business in Vietnam. These provide a solid platform for DTU to achieve ever-more remarkable successes in research and education.

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Advantages of studying in Duy Tan University Faculty of Medicine, Vietnam
  • Education at the medical university is conducted in English.
  • There are no extra fees or donation requirements.
  • Faculty members are very knowledgeable and proficient in their disciplines.
  • Additionally, the university offers a variety of recreational and cultural activities for its students to participate in.
  • Additionally, there are dorms equipped with everything a student needs.
Departments & Course duration of Duy Tan University Faculty of Medicine, Vietnam
  • Medicine
  • Odonto – Stomatology
  • Nursing
  • Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation
  • Medical Laboratory
  • Pharmacy and Midwifery

The Duy Tan University offers an MBBS programme that lasts seven years and includes an internship of one year. After completing a 6-year MBBS programme focused on theoretical medical education, students are also given the fantastic opportunity to practice at hospitals affiliated with the university.

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Facilities & Infrastructure (College infrastructure, technologies, hostels, accommodations, library, labs, canteen, sports, any extra-curricular activities, etc.. )

Facilities for Mess and Hostels

The university offers excellent dorms on campus with complimentary WiFi. Single, double, and triple rooms are offered for student accommodations. There are also hostels specifically for men and women. Every hostel is equipped with mattresses, tables, chairs, and other necessities. The facility has a pharmacy, a clinic, a grocery, and other amenities. The hostel is under constant CCTV surveillance. There is Mess accessible for Indian students on campus as well. All students are subject to strict hostel rules. Indian food is also served at the hostel.


Over 60,000 print volumes total—1,841 books, 5 hard copy journals, and 69 online journals that are accessible—are included in the collection of all three of DTU’s libraries. The majority of the library’s materials are available in English, with a further 25% available in Vietnamese.


In addition to the standard whiteboards, DTU has audio systems and projectors in every classroom for computer-based learning. The classrooms include full mesh WIFI connectivity, air conditioning, and sufficient soundproofing.

Fee Structure of Duy Tan University Faculty of Medicine, Vietnam
Year Tuition Fee $ Hostel Fee $ Total Fee $
First Year 6500$ 2300$ 8800$
Second Year 6500$ 2300$ 8800$
Third Year 6500$ 2300$ 8800$
Fourth Year 7000$ 2300$ 9300$
Fifth Year 7000$ 2300$ 9300$
Sixth Year 3200$ 2300$ 5500$
Total Package Tution Fees and Hostel Charges for 6 Years 50,500$

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Documents Required 
  • Copy of 10th grade mark-sheet
  • Copy of 12th grade mark-sheet
  • NEET scorecard
  • 10 passport size photographs
  • Official invitation letter from university
  • Copy of International passport of student
  • Copy of Birth certificate
  • Medical test report
Eligibility Criteria for Duy Tan University Faculty of Medicine, Vietnam
  • Candidates must have completed their higher secondary exams in biology, chemistry, and physics.
  • Candidates must have at least a 50% cumulative PCB in their 12th grade scores.
  • For this university to offer medical education, a student must be at least 17 years old.
  • All Indian students wishing to pursue an MBBS programme overseas must pass the NEET exam.
Admission Process for Duy Tan University Faculty of Medicine, Vietnam

Step 1: Fill out the online application that the university provides, or use the website’s course registration form

Step 2: Print the application . Provide the university the signed form and the necessary paperwork indicated below.

Step 3: Scan the documents and send them to the admissions office via email. In the email body, include a subject line that reads “Application for Admission.”

Step 4: Only until the application deadline may documents be submitted. Make sure you turn in all of your paperwork by the deadline.

Step 5: The Medical University will give the student an acceptance or rejection letter in accordance with its verification of the student’s documentation.

Step 6: After the candidate is accepted, the initial fees must be paid. The student will receive their fee after they receive the acknowledgment letter.

Step 7: The following paperwork translation and apostille attestation of the foundational educational documents is required of the students.

The applicant needs to apply for a student visa right away if they are accepted. Letters of invitation will be mailed to students by the university.

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Important FAQs

Is Duy Tan University a reputable institution?

Duy Tan University is ranked 577th out of the best universities in the world. Schools are graded according to how well they accomplish in comparison to a set of widely accepted standards of excellence.

How can I apply to the University of Duy Tan?

In order to get accepted into Can Tho University. Please get in touch with overseas Educo for admissions and advice. A comprehensive guide to education loans, scholarships, and our excellent admissions and application support, which we have been offering for more than nine years.

Can students at Duy Tan University learn English?

Because all of the courses are taught in English, students will be able to study in a global environment. Decide now to embrace your global citizenship.

How can I apply to Duy Tan University?

Learn the essentials of DTU Admissions and Enrollment by visiting this page.

Benefits of studying in Duy Tan University Faculty of Medicine, Vietnam
  • The small, reasonable tuition costs offer a fantastic opportunity to experience clinical settings.
  • Numerous connected medical facilities offer opportunities for students to obtain hands-on training.
  • The WHO ranks and recognises the medical degrees awarded by this medical university on a global scale.
  • Language limitations are not a problem for Indian students who want to study MBBS at this medical university because English-medium MBBS courses are offered.
  • Teachers can provide each student personalized attention because of the small class sizes.
  • Hostels and other lodgings are enjoyable for students to stay in.
  • Students may practice medicine in government hospitals inside their home nation after completing the MBBS programme.
Privilege or benefits for Indian students

Elite university :Similar to universities in India, institutions overseas offer students cutting-edge academic programmes together with all the conveniences of modern life for a well-rounded education. In addition to having top-notch teachers, the universities provide their students with degrees that are recognised across borders, enabling them to make a name for themselves in the worldwide medical community. In order to help students feel at home in a foreign country, universities and institutions abroad also offer the highest level of safety and security.

Using the English language: Many colleges and universities abroad use English as their primary language of instruction and communication in medical universities in an effort to draw in international students. Once more, this serves as a benefit in drawing in students from India and other countries. Candidates should be aware, nevertheless, that knowing the native tongue is always a plus.

Increased ROI: When comparing the cost of MBBS programmes abroad to private colleges in India, they are comparable or less expensive. Students are permitted to practice in the host nation after successfully completing their course. International medical universities have reasonable tuition fees.

Increased quantity of seats: Many hopefuls are unable to fulfill their desire of studying MBBS in India because of the scarcity of government medical seats and the high tuition costs at private universities. But by maintaining cheap tuition costs, excellent academic standards, and—above all—a higher number of seats than their Indian government equivalents, foreign universities have been able to attract this particular student body.

Worldwide Employment Possibility

Students doing an MBBS abroad have several opportunities to apply for jobs across the globe. After receiving their global practice certificate, individuals can also receive a national certificate, allowing them to continue practicing medicine in their home country following graduation.