Kazakh Russian Medical University, Kazakhstan

Kazakh Russian Medical University, Kazakhstan

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About Kazakh Russian Medical University, Kazakhstan

Kazakh Russian Medical University is one of the top private colleges in the Republic of Kazakhstan. It was formerly popular as Kazakhstani Medical University has unlocked its doors in the year 1992. The University founded by the member of Academy of Sciences of Kazakhstan, Dr. Mukhtar Aliyevich Aliyev. The educational procedure is completely planned within the Department of Kazakh Russian Medical University. The University is capable of providing medical training at clinical sites of a renowned medical institution to its candidates.

Latest Updates:

The enrolment at the university will made on a competitive basis. Also, applicants without citizenship or foreign citizenship acknowledged in agreement with the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan as well as international treaties validate by the Republic of Kazakhstan. The Rules and regulation of admission at KRMU developed in agreement with the Model Rules of Admission, accepted by Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Official Website | https://krmu.edu.kz/en/

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The educational strategy at the Kazakh Russian Medical University meets the benchmark of education. In addition, new methods and plan of teaching to advance medical learning in the Republic of Kazakhstan were effectively tested at the KRMU.

The medical teaching guided by more than 200 lecturers in which most of them reputed and well- known doctors, foreign scientist, and some famous Kazakhstani. The students will also get the opportunity to practice and study in abroad with the academic mobility program. Students will have the option to choose their learning language (Kazakh or Russian).

Kazakh Russian Medical University has good relations with the University in the country and far abroad. Their partner list comprises of Nagasaki University, The Federal centre of Heart, Bashkir state Medical University, Kyrgyz-Russian Slavic University, Omsk state Medical Academy and the list goes on. The joint research programs, educational activities, research in Genetics, child and maternal health care created at the KRMU.

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Students provided with comfortable rooms at the modern hostels situated within the medical campus. Students have all conditions for enjoying sport and social activities such as sport halls, swimming pools, Internet.

Different social and cultural events organized for international students. The academy provides a springboard for sportsmen with sporting facilities such as sports complex, including gymnasium, indoor football, badminton, tennis, volleyball, athletic stadiums, etc. The Faculty’s staff encourages academic, national and other interests of students. National and International associations of students organized to unite students from different countries.

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