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Georgian American University

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About Georgian American University

Georgian American University, established in 2001 puts lots of emphasis on quality medical education and has one of the best qualified and highly experienced faculty members.

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From the very beginning, Georgian American University experienced many changes, difficult challenges, and successes.

This university runs on a mission of giving education based on advanced scientific research and innovative teaching models. The university provides equal opportunities by strengthening knowledge and medical skills.

Georgian American University
Georgian American University

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The Georgian American University offers a 6-year MBBS program. With 6 years of dedicated and theoretical medical education, students will get a globally accepted medical degree and the opportunity to work in university-affiliated hospitals.

Advantages of Studying at Georgian American University

  • Accredited by WHO, FAIMER, and NMC and is recognized globally.
  • The students can get the benefits of students exchange programs in the USA, Europe, Canada, Australia
  • The entire MBBS course is taught in the English language
  • Well-maintained law and order make Tbilisi a safe place to pursue MBBS studies
  • Exposure to various cultures due to the vast amount of students coming from different countries
  • Locals are very friendly and supportive towards international students.

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Fee Structure

Tution Fee(In $) Hostel+Food(In $) Grand Total (Total Expenses)
First Year 5500$ 2500$ 8000$
Second Year 5500$ 2500$ 8000$
Third Year 5500$ 2500$ 8000$
Fourth Year 5500$ 2500$ 8000$
Fifth Year 5500$ 2500$ 8000$
Total Fee 27500$ 12,500$ 40000$

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