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Here are some last minute tips to crack NEET PG 2022 in one go.

NEET PG candidates are already struggling with the exam postponement for a long time. The dilemma is making a mark on the student’s preparation and continuously testing the patience of the candidates.

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The medical aspirants are continuously demanding a delay. Besides, as per the current updates, the exam is scheduled to be held on May 21, so the pressure of preparation and revision is also there.

Due to the short gap between the counseling and the exam, the candidates are going to leave no stone unturned in the preparation. The duration is not enough though, but at the end of the day, the result matters.

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Here are some sharp-end tips that a candidate should know and regularly follow from today till the eleventh hour of exams.


The tip will not only keep you up to date with the syllabus but can save you from extra hard work. Maybe the topic you find hard enough to cover is not part of the syllabus for this year anymore. Move to the advanced book once you cover the syllabus as per the general past trend, so candidates can go deeply into the topics and stick around the only syllabus the authority has announced.


As biology has extra syllabus weightage, candidates should go with the biology syllabus first and then move to the rest of the syllabus revision. Keep in mind the exam pattern and revise accordingly with a positive mindset. Allocate the different time slots for all subjects, beginning with the biology high-weightage topics and the others that need to be revised deeply again and again.

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Brushing up the weak spots leaves one of the biggest impacts on the overall result. No candidate can revise the whole syllabus, study materials, and study notes in one go regularly. Candidates should focus more on their weak subjects, areas, and stuff they don’t know yet. Try to solve the previous year’s papers and sample papers to know your weakest area and then give those weak spots some extra hours of the day.


The days are not quite enough but the show must go on. Try to create a strict hourly timetable covering all subjects, around 2-3 hours per subject and an extra 3 hours for attempting mock tests. If 2-3 hours is long for someone, those candidates can split the hour as per their choice, but giving 2-3 at least to the particular subject is a must.

Studying on a hectic schedule gives no profile and will only turn into fatigue.

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Choose a quiet area to study, whether it can be your study room or bedroom. Try to choose a more focused area, free from outside or inside distracting sounds, while studying. Turn off your Wi-Fi and other equipment you find can distract you in the middle from time to time. It will not only keep you focused but also give you extra productive minutes.

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