The National Medical Commission (NMC) has released draft regulations related to the National Exit Test (NExT). The commission has requested feedback from stakeholders within 30 days of the notice’s publication, with the subject line ‘Comments on draft regulations governing National Exit Test (NExT)’.

Stakeholders may submit the comments by email at in a Microsoft Word (Docx) or machine-readable PDF format. The National Exit Test (NExT), which would work as a licentiate test, mentioned in the draft rule as the foundation for validating a medical graduate’s eligibility to register to practise the contemporary system of medicine in India. NExT will also act as an entrance exam for admission by determining the eligibility and ranking for individuals who choose to seek further PG medical education in the nation in a variety of medical specialities.

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The regulation’s main goal is to provide consistency in summative evaluations conducted across the nation concerning the minimum common requirements for a medical graduate’s education and training.

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– Every undergraduate medical student seeking MBBS degrees from NMC-recognised medical colleges, through the Undergraduate Medical Education Board and the Medical Assessment and Rating Board.

– All foreign medical graduates who have given the go-ahead by NMC for enrolment in the state registration or the national register as well as for acquiring a licence to practise medicine in India.

– Any other individual with a medical degree for a purpose such as following a course of study, an observership, or any other purpose that may be specified and approved by NMC through proper regulations.

– As per the notification, the suitable method of using the NExT results for admission to Postgraduate Courses in various medical specialities through mechanisms like common counselling by the authorised authority should be specified from time to time by the Commission by appropriate rules and notification.

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