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More than 18 Lac candidates have submitted record high applications for the NEET UG 2022 exam that will be happening in July 2022. A whopping 20% higher than last year. NTA (the conducting body) also realizes that this could be the toughest medical entrance exam in India for 2022. Cognizant of this fact, guidelines such as 20 minutes extra have provided (200 minutes paper vs 180 minutes last year) and choices in Section A (total 20 MCQ choices) have been given.
On top of that, it’s generally advised that the students practice from the suggested mock papers in these remaining few weeks, to complete actual NEET paper in the stipulated duration.

Hence, a time management chart for the 200 minutes paper has been provided for the first time by NEET experts from pan-India for all 3 subjects (Section A and Section B).

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This will be extremely useful to structure the paper attempt as per these guidelines. Below are the key points:

1. In Biology (divided between Botany and Zoology), not more than 3 minutes per 2 MCQs in both Section A and Section B suggested. Which means, not more than 1.5 minute per MCQ to deal with slightly lengthy questions – from Cell Division, Basics of Genetics and Mendelian Genetics topics (numerical oriented).

Also, to deal with MCQs of new typologies like Diagram-based, Match the following, Assertion Reason and Statement-based, on topics like photosynthesis, Molecular Basis of Inheritance and Biotechnology, 1.5 minutes per MCQ suggested.

2. These guidelines are provided exclusively in the NEET Mock Papers (printed booklets) by NEET experts based on pattern analysis and extensive discussions. Remember, to consider these NEET Mock papers to get the exact feel and practice of the July 2022 NEET paper pattern (new typologies and difficulty level). They come with printed OMR sheets and instructions.

3. In Physics, to deal with calculation centric MCQs that can be asked mostly in Section B, 2 minutes per MCQ suggested. 35 MCQ of Section A are doable in less than 1 min per MCQ.

4. Lastly, in Chemistry, Thermodynamics, Equilibrium and for many chapters of Inorganic Chemistry, MCQs may require calculations. So 1.5 minute per MCQ should maximum spent and overall 50 minutes suggested to sufficient for overall Chemistry.

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Detailed time management chart provided for the 200 minute NEET 2022 paper<br>

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Note: Difficulty level in Section A and B of all subjects can remain the same as it was in last year’s paper except for a few questions of higher difficulty (tricky) in Section B.

Overall, this time management chart provided (in collaboration with Educart) will be very useful for all aspirants to structure their 200 minutes in a disciplined manner. This is the most important exam of many students’ lives and every aspirant should try to use these charts and mock papers provided to increase their score by 30% in the last critical few weeks.

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