In a bid to provide quality healthcare to the citizens, the government has decided to introduce some changes for the students who get their medical degrees from other countries. India has a doctor-population ratio of 1:1456 as compared with the WHO standards of 1:1000 as of 2019. In addition, there is a huge skew in the distribution of doctors working in the Urban and Rural areas with the urban-to-rural doctor density ratio being 3.8:1. Consequently, most of our rural and poor population is denied good quality care leaving them in the clutches of quacks.

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According to a report published in the Hindi daily Hindustan it has been made mandatory for students that the subjects which are being taught in MBBS in India, the same subjects should also be necessarily be taught in those countries as well. 

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The students who get a medical degree after finishing the course from abroad must first obtain a medical license in that particular country. According to sources in the Union Health Ministry, several new steps have been taken, which are now being implemented.

The National Medical Commission (NMC) will go through them. Registration with the relevant country’s institution is essential according to health ministry sources,  as cited by Hindustan in its report. The most important of which is that the student must prove that his or her degree is valid to practice as a doctor in that country.

Along with this, the duration of the degree is 54 months and after that one year of internship in the same institute has also been made mandatory.

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Medical degree obtained from abroad should be studied only in English medium. Many countries including Russia and China provide medical education in their own language, that degree will no longer work here. Similarly, an Indian can take a medical degree from anywhere, but for that, he has to pass the NEET exam first.

Every year more than ten thousand students from the country turn to other countries for degree. The reason for this is the difficulty in getting admission in the country and the high cost of medical education in private colleges.

(Source: www.livemint.com)

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