Despite its allure, studying abroad is still a matter of concern for many aspirants when it comes to stigmas surrounding expenses and tuition fees for international students.

The field of medicine has become one of the most sought-after career options in the world. Especially in India, even with 542 medical education, the number of medical enthusiasts in the country far outweighs. In India, the pool of MBBS aspirants looking towards destinations abroad has further expanded due to competitive yet limited seats in Government universities and exorbitant fees at private institutes. With the urgent need-gap for healthcare professionals widening each day, education abroad has become a popular path taken up by Indian MBBS aspirants as the industry has metamorphosed over time. This has created a highly sought-after industry, contributing billions to economies and job creation across the globe. 

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Misconceptions About Foreign Education

Despite its allure, studying abroad is still a matter of concern for many aspirants when it comes to stigmas surrounding expenses and tuition fees for international students. Without thorough research and guidance, exploring education options abroad can become an overwhelming affair for aspiring students and parents. However, after a realistic overview, MBBS in foreign countries is still a top chosen option by Indian students as they offer a cost-effective fee structure compared to many top-tier medical colleges in India.  Not only have many foreign universities abroad reduced their 1st-year tuition fee up to 50 per cent, but others have also offered scholarships to meritorious students. Some universities have even permitted the students to pay the fees in instalments due to the pandemic.

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Benefits Aligned With Pursuing An MBBS Abroad

Today, with the traditional education sector shifting to a digital model, primarily called up due to the global COVID-19 pandemic, the option to study in foreign universities has become more accessible and lucrative for students globally. Besides cost, there are several benefits aligned with studying abroad. With quality education and world-class infrastructure, international medical colleges are also equipped with some of the most advanced and modern medical equipment, as well as research centers. They have access to a larger pool of financial resources, allowing them to quickly adapt to changes that require significant financial investments. This is especially beneficial to meet challenges presented by the recent offline education regulations and requirements. With millions of medical students dispersed and deprived of experiential learning today, access to suitable resources is a peak necessity to combat this crisis. Additionally, internationally recognized degrees, structured curriculum, better clinical practice, and overall international exposure, are just a few more benefits in the barrel.

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Even beyond the ample scholastic benefits, being in a diversity-rich environment drastically aids in developing students’ cultural competency, social and communication skills – a golden trio for medical practitioners today. Another important benefit of being exposed to different perspectives and approaches is a heightened critical thinking sense. This is an essential trait for resolving emergency and crisis situations as they come. These skills directly contribute to healthcare quality in countries worldwide, making opportune use of this exposure by aspirants returning home to practice where development begins. 

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On successfully obtaining their MBBS abroad, students have a wider pool of career avenues to explore back in their home country or abroad, resulting in a better investment return in the long run. Suffice to say, given the innumerable opportunities and benefits of foreign education,  pursuing an MBBS abroad is a trend here to stay for Indian aspirants and enthusiasts in the future to come.


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