Tianjin Medical University, China

Tianjin Medical University, China

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About Tianjin Medical University, China

Tianjin Medical University established in the year 1994 as a collaboration of two colleges Tianjin Medical College and Tianjin Second Medical College. Initially, there was a Tianjin Medical college which started in the year 1951. It situated in Heping District; Tianjin P.R. China. The first former president of Tianjin Medical University (TMU) a professor Xianyi ZNU who renowned as an endocrinologist and medical Educationist.

TMU also became “211 Project” national university in the year 1996 and finally developed with the help of national health &  family planning commission, People’s Government of Tianjin and ministry of education. In the year 2017, the university got selected for the national development plan of 1st class disciplines.

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Tianjin Medical University, China
Tianjin Medical University China

MBBS in Tianjin Medical University Facts & Figures

  • The university is actively committed to national higher education in the medical field and is one of the first two nationally authorized medical institutions to carry out eight-year medical education.
  • TMU have six university hospitals and two wide-range campuses.
  • Tianjin Medical University currently offers 21 disciplines for bachelor programme having 21 schools and 2 branches.
  • Currently, more than 9687 full-time students, 5162 undergraduates, 3089 master’s students, 465 PhD students and 971 international students enrolled in the university.
  • 8189 professionals and technical faculty have given their service to the university including the university hospitals. In which there are 633 professors, 1072 associate professors and 669 full-time teachers in the university on campus.


The location of Tianjin Medical University is in the city of Tianjin, China. Tianjin is located near Beijing; climate of Tianjin is also characterized by four distinct seasons’ spring, summer, autumns and winter.  The city average temperature can reach 26 C (79 F) or even higher, and January is the coldest, with an average temperature of -4 C (25 F).

Official Website | http://eng.tmu.edu.cn/

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Tianjin Medical University provides a school of medicine that is the skilled department for medicine. Tianjin Medical University has different disciplines which are given below:-

  • Clinical Medicine
  • Dentistry
  • Anaesthesiology
  • Medical Imaging
  • Medical Laboratory
  • Preventive Medicine
  • Nursing
  • Biomedical Engineering
  • Pharmacy
  • Pharmaceutical

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Benefits of doing MBBS from Tianjin Medical University

Tianjin Medical University is a well-known university that offers a large number of courses in different disciplines.
University has very smooth management and admission process.
TMU provides high-quality education for international and local aspirants.
The university library has a collection of 510,000 books and more than 3,000 periodicals and is designated as a central library by the Ministry of Health.
TMU offers various scholarships to the international students such as Wang Kechang Scholarship, Zhu Xianyi Scholarships, People

Latest Notifications:

Scholarship etc.
TMU gives high-class education to both international and local aspirants.
The amenities offered are renowned.
The study medium is in English.
University has all the necessary modern teaching and living facilities and a good environment, and there is a simulated hospital in the basement for students to conduct clinical internships before and after the clinical courses.

Tianjin Medical University Fee Structure

  • 5+1 Years of English Medium
   Fees 1st Year 2nd Year to 5th Year
   Tuition Fee 45,000 RMB 45,000 RMB
   Accommodation Fee 11,000 RMB 11,000 RMB
   Visa Extension &   Insurance 1,600 RMB 1,600 RMB
    Misc Charges 1,400 RMB N/A
   Books 3,000 RMB N/A
    Yearly Total 62,000 RMB 57,600 RMB
   Grand Total 2,92,400 RMB