Study MBBS in Finland

Study MBBS in Finland

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Study MBBS in Finland


About Finland

Finland is a Nordic nation in Northern Europe that is well-known for its magnificent natural settings, sophisticated social welfare system, and high standard of living. Finland is a country with many lakes and vast forests that bordered to the west by Sweden, the east by Russia, and the south by the Baltic Sea. Finland’s largest and capital city, Helsinki, is a prime example of contemporary Finnish architecture and design. The people of the nation renowned for their general well-being, education, and standard of living. Finland is a parliamentary republic with a strong social market economy.

Its main industries are manufacturing, forestry, and technology. Finland routinely receives high marks in international evaluations, and its educational system is well-regarded throughout the world. The Finnish people take great pride in their cultural heritage, which includes contributions to the arts and design, a distinctive cuisine, and a long history of sauna use. Finland embodies a singular fusion of contemporary innovation and reverence for the natural world, with a dedication to sustainability and environmental preservation.

Climate at Finland

The region of Finland situated north of the Arctic Circle experiences exceptionally harsh and protracted winters. It is possible for temperatures to drop to −22 °F (−30 °C). The north-facing mountain slopes in these latitudes never see snow melt, but from May to July, during the brief summer (Lapland experiences roughly two months of midnight sun), temperatures can soar to 80 °F (27 °C). The temperature extremes are marginally less pronounced further south because of the Atlantic airflow from the Baltic Sea and Gulf Stream, which maintains temperatures up to 10 degrees higher than in Siberia and Greenland at comparable latitudes. In Finland, winter is the longest season.

Study MBBS in Finland

For Indian students, one of the best places to pursue an MBBS degree is Finland. It makes it possible for students to study MBBS in Finland and have a more promising career afterward. It offers excellent theoretical and practical instruction that equips candidates to succeed as practitioners. The cost of an MBBS in Finland could be anywhere from 6000 to 18000 euros. Worldwide recognition for the Finnish MBBS program extends to the Medical Council of India (MCI). The majority of people in Finland speak Finnish, but English is the language of teaching in Finnish colleges and universities.

MBBS for Indian Students in Finland

For Indian students, MBBS in Finland is the greatest choice for the following reasons:

  • Compared to traveling to other nations, traveling to Finland is far simpler and even more affordable.
  • Finland offers its students an internationally recognised medical programme.
  • In Finland’s colleges and universities, English is the language of instruction.
  • The Medical Council of India (MCI) has granted approval to the majority of Finland’s colleges and universities.
  • Students who have earned their MBBS from Finland are eligible to practice in India as well.
  • Innovative teaching methods and first-rate facilities outfitted with a reliable infrastructure
  • Students may also choose to begin studying Post Graduate Degrees in order to get ready for the United States Medical Licencing Examination (USMLE).
  • For Indian students, Finland is very safe, and the country’s environment is secure.
  • Finland’s colleges and universities do not require donations or capitation fees.
  • Finland’s MBBS schools offer the best training at reasonable costs.
  • Since the university offers excellent boarding and lodging along with the availability of Indian food for the students, the cost of living is quite favorable for Indian students.

Advantages of studying medicine in Finland for Indian Students

For the following reasons, Finland is the greatest country for Indian students wishing to pursue an MBBS:

  • For Indian students, the admission process to the Finnish medical school is straightforward.
  • Indian students can study in Finland with safety and all the resources they need to survive.
  • With the least amount of money, the students can realize their dream of studying MBBS in Finland.
  • Although Finnish is the official language of Finland, the entire MBBS programme is taught in English.
  • Innovative teaching methods and first-rate facilities outfitted with a reliable infrastructure
  • To apply for admission to the MBBS programme in Finland, there are no entrance exams, donation, or capitation fees needed.

Disadvantages of studying medicine in Finland for Indian Students

  • Finland is experiencing extremely cold weather. Wintertime temperatures can drop as low as -35°C, and there may be more darkness. Sunrise in the early morning and late afternoon.
  • Particularly in the autumn, Finland thought to be the most depressed nation on earth. It is rainy, cold, and damp every day.
  • The majority of educational programmes in Finland, including medical programmes, are taught in Finnish, so learning the language can be difficult for non-native speakers.

MBBS eligibility

The following are the requirements for students who wish to pursue an MBBS in Finland:

  • Students should take science in their 12th grade and receive a cumulative 50% in biology, chemistry, and physics.
  • To be admitted to Finland Medical Colleges or Universities, students must at least 17 years old.
  • To be eligible to apply for MBBS in Finland, students must also pass the NEET exam.
  • English should be a subject for the students in their upper secondary education.
  • The students’ age cannot exceed 25 years old.

Student life inFinland (for eg. Cost of Living, Educational System, Accommodation, Language, Cultural Experience)

Cost of Living

For students, the cost of living in Finland is between €700 and €900 per month, which includes transport, lodging, and other expenses. In Finland, bigger cities usually have higher living expenses than smaller ones.

Educational System

Finland’s MBBS (Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery) programme distinguished by a student-centered approach and a high standard of academic excellence. Usually lasting six years, the medical education programme combines didactic coursework with hands-on clinical experience. To promote a comprehensive understanding of healthcare, the curriculum places a strong emphasis on early patient interaction, problem-solving techniques, and evidence-based medicine. Finland promotes scientific inquiry among students and places a high value on research.

The integration of the medical education system into the larger university framework affords students the chance to engage in interdisciplinary collaboration. Students gain from being exposed to Finland’s patient-centered care model during their clinical rotations because the country’s healthcare system renowned for its effectiveness. The educational programme complies with European standards, allowing graduates to work and live abroad more easily. In general, Finland’s approach to medical education seeks to generate globally-minded, multifaceted healthcare professionals who focused on research.


In Finland, a hostel can cost between €20 and €50 per night, while a hotel room can cost between €50 and €300. In Finland, a few well-known hostels are Hostel Suomenlinna in Helsinki, Omena Hotels in several cities, and Eurohostel in Helsinki.


Depending on the university and region, MBBS students in Finland receive their medical education primarily in either Swedish or Finnish. Finland recognizes both languages as official, and medical program can be offered in either language at universities. Although the majority of Finnish medical schools offer instruction in Finnish, some may also offer instruction in Swedish, especially in bilingual areas. Additionally, in order to enable successful communication in global healthcare settings, students studying medicine are frequently expected to achieve proficiency in English as part of their curriculum. Finland’s dedication to offering thorough medical education that equips students for both domestic and international healthcare contexts is reflected in the diversity of its linguistic offerings.

Cultural Experience

In Finland, social life and culture play a crucial role in the education process. Student organizations at universities plan a variety of events, including parties, sporting competitions, and cultural events. These groups also give students the chance to socialize, meet new people, and participate in extracurricular activities.

In addition, Finland is well-known for its outdoor pursuits, which include ice skating, skiing, and hiking. Due to the extensive network of national parks and nature reserves throughout the nation, students can easily explore and take in the breathtaking scenery of Finland.

WDOMS List of MBBS College in Finland

  • Tampere University Faculty of Medicine and Health Technology – Tampere
  • University of Eastern Finland School of Medicine – Kuopio
  • University of Helsinki Faculty of Medicine – Helsinki
  • University of Oulu Faculty of Medicine – Oulu
  • University of Turku Faculty of Medicine – Turku