Kunming Medical University, China

Kunming Medical University, China

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Kunming Medical University, China

In 1933, Donglu University initiated a specialized associate program in medicine which has since evolved and grown into the present Kunming Medical University. In 1956, the university became an independent 6 key higher education institution in the province. Kunming Medical University has consistently been the largest specialized medical university in Yunnan and leads the way in medical education, scientific research, medical services, and social service. The university vividly focuses on higher level medical education and the development of medical and healthcare in Yunnan Province.


Kunming Medical University has 5 research institutes, 9 affiliated hospitals, 9 teaching hospitals, 39 practice hospitals, 9 forensic medicine sites, and 2 optical practice sites. The university’s affiliated hospitals have over 9,800 beds which admit over 3,000 patients every day. Since its establishment, Kunming Medical University has conducted 800 scientific types of research and has been awarded for the same at the national and provincial level.

  • Founded in: 1933
  • Number of Students: 15,000
  • Academic Staff: 6,000
  • Academic Session Begins: September
  • Recognized by: WHO, MCI, PMDC, USMLE, HPCSA, SCHS
  • Language of Instruction: English
  • Scholarships: Available

University Campus: 3 campuses

Library: a collection of 100,000 books and shares a network of National literature.

Food: 4 student canteens (2 in the west campus and 2 in the east campus, including a special canteen for international students)

Climate: average temperature annually is 17 °C; average annual precipitation is 1128 mm

Official Website | https://www.kmmc.cn/english

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Benefits of doing MBBS from Kunming Medical University

•    Kunming Medical University has an affiliated, modern and technologically advanced hospital for research and internships, where students can get practical training.
•    The university has a very large library. The well-equipped multimedia room in the university digital library exudes a warm atmosphere and provides users with an online search function.
•    The university has the most advanced laboratory.
•    Proven to be one of the most reputable and dependable universities.
•    Kunming Medical University, the MBBS fee structure of this university is very low.
•    The learning medium is the English of Kunming Medical University.
•    The university has experienced and qualified teaching staff which provide quality education.
•    Kunming Medical University adopts advanced teaching methods.
•    The university enrols students directly without entrance exams.
•    The university provides students with advanced academic facilities.
•    The safety of students is very important to the administration of Kunming Medical University, so the university gives great importance to the safety of students and will not appreciate any bad behaviour of students.

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Kunming Medical University Fee Structure

  • 5+1 Years of English Medium
   Fees 1st Year 2nd Year to 5th Year
   Tuition Fee 35,000 RMB 35,000 RMB
   Hostel Fee   (Double) 5,000 RMB 5,000 RMB
   Visa Extension & Insurance 1,400 RMB 1,400 RMB
    Registration Fee 500 RMB N/A
   Physical Examination 400 RMB N/A
   Books 500 RMB 500 RMB
   Yearly Expense 42,800 RMB 41,900 RMB
   Grand Total 2,10,400 RMB

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