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Andijhan State Medical Institute, Uzbekistan

  • Uzbekistan
Name of the College Andijhan State Medical Institute, Uzbekistan
Also Known As ASMI Uzbekistan
Year Of Establishment 1955
Location (State/City) Andijan, Uzbekistan
College Type Government
Approved By NMC and WHO
Official Website
Address R87C+RWH, Andijan, Andijan region, Uzbekistan
Contact Details +998 74 223 94 66

About Andijhan State Medical Institute, Uzbekistan

Andijhan State Medical Institute, Uzbekistan founded in 1955 in one of the ancient cities of Fergana valley. At present, the Institute is one of the leading institutes and research center in the Republic of Uzbekistan. Andijan State Medical Institute ranked first among the medical institutes for their academic results and scientific achievements. The scientific potential of the institute is growing day by day.

Advantages of studying in Andijhan State Medical Institute, Uzbekistan

  • Low cost tuition fee is always an attractive point when it comes to taking admission in this university
  • Direct admission given at this university
  • There are no entrance exam or language proficiency tests to get admission in Andijan State Medical Institute
  • The cost of living in Uzbekistan is also quite in budget
  • There is safety and security in the campus as well as the hostel
  • The university is UNESCO, WHO, ECFMG approved
  • Andijan State Medical Institute’s medical degrees were globally recognized

Latest Updates:

Andijan State Medical Institute Course Duration

The MBBS course duration for MBBS at Andijan State Medical Institute is 5.8 years. In these 5.8 years, the 12 months internship also included.

Department / Specialities of Andijhan State Medical Institute, Uzbekistan

  • Scientific activity
  • Activities of faculties
  • International relations
  • Magistracy
  • Internship
  • Doctarate
  • Subordinate organization
  • Press Service
  • Konferensiyalar

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Facilities / Infrastructure of Andijhan State Medical Institute, Uzbekistan

  • Andijan State Medical Institute has hostel facilities for international students.
  • Andijan State Medical Institute hostels have dormitories and fully furnished rooms.
  • All the necessary facilities are provided at hostels such as Wi-Fi connectivity, AC, heater, bed, cupboard, electric appliances, etc.
  • Andijan State Medical Institute cafeteria or canteen provides multiple cuisines that too with proper care of hygiene.
  • Andijan State Medical Institute has a multicultural environment as students from different parts of the world arrive at the Andijan State Medical Institute for study.

Faculties at Andijan State Medical Institute

  • Faculty of Medicine
  • Faculty of Pedagogy
  • Faculty of Pediatrics
  • Faculty of Dentistry
  • Faculty of the Postgraduate program
  • Faculty of Neuroscience
  • Faculty of Gynecology
  • Faculty of Surgery

Benefits of Studying MBBS in Uzbekistan for Indian Students:

World-renowned Medical Colleges: Uzbekistan hosts top-tier medical colleges with modern infrastructure, experienced faculty, and internationally recognized curricula. Accreditation from organizations like the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Medical Council of India (MCI) ensures the quality of education.

Safe Environment for Students: Uzbekistan is renowned for its safety, boasting a low crime rate. The government prioritizes the well-being of citizens and visitors, creating a secure environment crucial for students studying abroad.

World-Class Education System: With a literacy rate exceeding 91%, Uzbekistan’s education system is globally competitive. The curriculum aligns with international standards, preparing students to excel as competent healthcare professionals.

Affordable Accommodations: Uzbekistan offers a range of affordable accommodation options, from hostels to apartments. This allows students to choose based on their preferences and budget, contributing to a comfortable living experience.

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Convenient Travel Within the Country: The country’s efficient transportation system, including buses, trains, and taxis, makes traveling within Uzbekistan convenient and cost-effective. This enables students to explore the country’s rich history and culture during their leisure time.

Hassle-Free Visa Process: Uzbekistan’s simplified visa policy ensures a hassle-free process for Indian students. Student visa applications are approved almost 100% of the time, making it easy for international students to commence their academic journey.

Opportunities Post-Graduation: Graduates from Uzbekistan’s MBBS programs have the opportunity to work in Europe. The degree is recognized by the European Union, opening doors for a healthcare career in various European countries.

Rich Culture and Cuisine: Uzbekistan’s rich culture and diverse cuisine provide a unique cultural experience for students. Exploring local dishes such as plov, shashlik, and lagman, along with immersing in the country’s history, art, and architecture, enhances the overall cultural exposure.

No Donation or Capitalization Fees: Studying MBBS in Uzbekistan is financially feasible as there are no additional donation or capitalization fees. Students only need to pay tuition fees, making it an affordable option for those aspiring to pursue In summary, choosing Uzbekistan for MBBS studies offers Indian students a combination of quality education, safety, affordability, cultural richness, and promising career prospects in healthcare, making it a well-rounded and attractive destination.

Affiliated Hospitals Of Andijan State Medical Institute, Uzbekistan

To provide real-world exposure to students, ASMI often has affiliations with local hospitals and clinics. This allows students to gain practical experience and internships, fostering the application of theoretical knowledge in clinical settings.

Latest Notifications:

Eligibility Criteria

  • The minimum age for Andijan State Medical Institute admission is 17 years and the maximum is 25 years.
  • The applicant must qualify for the NEET entrance examination with a good score for the Andijan State Medical Institute admission.
  • The applicant must pass higher secondary school with a good percentage (at least 50%).

Admission Process

Admission to the MBBS programme is based on candidates’ performance in NEET. Once the NEET results are declared, then the eligible candidates are called for counselling process.